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August 2009

I was looking for the chords to this amazing song. But I couldn't find any, so I thought I should post them up here. Song Title : Strings | Artist/Band : Misty Edwards  Strings Misty Edwards Chords and Lyrics Intro: C — G — F — G Verse C           G                         F I want to play [...]


Many of us follow many traditions passed on by others. Often we don't even know why. A great example of this is a story I once heard: A daughter was watching her mom prepare the turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner. The daughter noticed that her mom had cut one of the turkey's legs off before placing it in the oven...when the [...]


When Moses was doubting, God said, "I will be with you", when Moses asked who he should tell Pharoh is sending him, God said, "Tell them I AM has sent me to you"....


Laminin....it is an amazing molecule. The following is the definition of Laminin, as found on wikipedia: Laminin is a protein found in the extracellular matrix, the sheets of protein that form the substrate of all internal organs also called the basement membrane. It is the major non-collagenous component of the basal lamina, such as those [...]


A saying that I've often heard is "Follow your heart!". Though this saying sounds like the right thing, it is a little misleading. Our hearts are not always to be trusted. They will often pull us in any and every direction that our desires go. That is, if our heart is not lead by Christ. Not too long [...]


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