Today is an age where distractions are limitless. At every turn, so many things, like the media, work, politics, etc, are telling us what to live for. These things point us away from what really matters; Living For Jesus Christ.

LivingForJesus.com is about:

The site is written by Colton Jansen, a 20 year old theology student/son/brother/blog-designer/lover and worshipper of Jesus who was inspired by the numerous people in his life who helped him learn how amazing God and His love is by sharing what God had done for them. And now Colton has been blessed with the opportunity of being able to share his experiences on L4J (LivingForJesus.com), in the hope that they too may help you in your journey of getting to know Christ, and that someday, you too will share your experiences with others; for that, simply, is Living for Jesus.

Contact and More Info:

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Or anything else?… just go to the Contact L4J page, and email me.

God Bless!

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