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The following is such a profound video. It shows the gaping holes that “Religion” has, and reveals our need for “JESUS”. The video is called “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus”.

I hope you found this video to be a great reminder of that our faith should not be in religion, but in JESUS.

In God’s Love and Grace,



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  • Samer November 13, 2012, 9:23 am

    Kathleen !!!!
    i couldn’t have put it better myself… thank you very much !!!

  • Ståle Simonsen June 6, 2012, 9:48 am

    I got to say…wow…….. I WANT A COPY !! so i can show this to all i know!

    God Bless you and your team.

  • kathleen March 9, 2012, 4:45 pm

    What if I told you that jesus came to start a religion?
    What if I told you destroying sin was his mission?
    What If I told you he loved all, not just Christians?
    And just because they sin dosen’t mean they can’t be forgiven?
    I mean jesus started Christianity to build love not wars,
    christianitybuilds churches to love and loves to serve the poor,
    It tells single mums god still loves them even though they are divorced.
    God forgives the repentant through religion but calls the hypocritical whores
    Religion preaches grace but through our sin we cannot always practice,
    That’s why we have baptism thanks to john the Baptist.
    However we try and when we fall we are forgiven
    For Jesus can see our repentance from heaven.
    The distinction is this between church and religion:
    The first tries to emulate the seconds divine vision.
    In other words Christian religion is merely human but
    Christianity as a whole is supernatural, super human.
    What I am saying is that neither church or religion is a walking façade
    What I am saying is for humans it gets really hard
    To pactice a doctrine made from heaven above
    Our failings are not a contagious infection
    But rather a sign that we all need confession,
    Religion dosent hide but improves on our faults,
    It starts from our heart and moves to our thoughts.
    And then it travels and improves our actions and words
    So that we can love god through just being ourseleves.
    I completely agree some people got the fake look,
    It sad if you only know they’re Christian by their facebook.
    But this isn’t the church and it isn’t religion
    Its one individual misunderstanding his religion.
    Now back to the point one thing is vital to mention
    How jesus and religion are at the same point on th spectrum
    Jesus started the church, The church is a religion,
    The church’s central beiliefs are based on living jesus
    Christianity says be perfect, jesus is perfection.
    Salvation is through forgivenesss
    And forgivness is through god alone
    Whithout jesus there is no christion religion
    Without religion there is no redemption
    For he alone understands us and has the power to absolve us.
    That is why jesus is a completed religion:
    Religion is man searching for god, Christianity is god that has found man.
    For religion?
    I love it on fact I literally crave it
    For when god said I WILL BUILD MY CHURH
    I believe he meant it!

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