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The righteous will live by his faith—
Habakkuk 2:4b

This is a scripture I try to live by each day. I actually keep this scripture as a bookmark in my devotional so I will see it often. It is simple; if we are righteous, we will live by our faith.

I encourage you today to make decisions with faith in the Lord. Do not lean on your own understanding. Try to keep this scripture on the forefront of your mind.

In God’s love and grace,


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  • Jerry January 21, 2013, 8:07 am

    Was looking for the lyrics to “all I need” and came across you web site today and enjoyed what you have put together. On faith, God has recently taught me that faith can become a lazy thing if not tested. Was reading Ezekiel 14 and was wondering why God would hold up and say… “even if these three” Noah, Daniel, and Job. I realized that what these three had in common were not only “their righteousness” but a very tested persevering faith. Jerry…an old blue collar scholar

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