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August 2010

Today during church, the whole message was about God’s love. That topic always hits me really deep inside, because I sense that that is the theme for my life right now. So I find the following quote, from an unknown person to me, quite fitting. I hope you take time and let it seep in. [...]


The following is a entry from one of my old journals. I have felt like I should share them with you all, hoping that you may benefit from them, but that I too would receive something by looking at what God has taken me through. I hope you enjoy! (For this journal entry I read [...]


As I’ve been spending time with the Lord lately, I keep feeling like I should pull out my old journals and share them with you, both for your benefit, and mine. I’m not quite sure what we’ll stumble upon, but it is always great to reflect back on what the Lord has taken us through, [...]

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This post is another addition to my favorite “Quotes” category. This quote I heard for the first time a few years back, but was reminded of it very recently. It catches such an important part of what our lives should contain. This quote is from Saint Francis of Assisi: Preach the Gospel at all times… [...]


Hello everyone, I am now adding a new category to L4J for my favorite quotes…or for quotes that I find that really impact me. So today I will post my first favorite quote. It is one that has stuck to me for the past couple days by CS Lewis: I pray because I can’t help [...]


Communication is Key

Communication; it plays  such a vital role in any successful relationship. Whether it be between a husband and a wife,  a parent and a child,  a friend and a friend, or even between us and God, communication is the piece that keeps the relationship healthy. People have often been surprised at how close I am [...]


When Failure is Not the End

You know what word scares me…Failure. Failure is such a strong, not so fun, word. No person ever wants to hear this word attributed to themselves, I know I don’t. But I’ll be honest with you; I have failed God many times. Someone else who has failed God was a man named Peter. I love [...]


What does love look like?….A question so many people have often pondered. Some say it is romance. Some say it is bliss. It is one of those words in our English language that have so many meanings to choose from. defines it as: A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend Though those definitions are nice…I can’t [...]


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