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March 2011

Check out our NEW Living For Jesus Bumper Sticker! Every purchase directly helps support the ministry of LivingForJesus.com. Boldly share your faith on the road! Living For Jesus Bumper Sticker – $6.95   Buy Now Jesus Died For Me. So I will Live For Him Display your faith on the road. Jesus died for me. [...]


Living For Jesus T-Shirt!

Check out the Living For Jesus T-Shirt Below! We created these shirts to help support the ministry of Living For Jesus, and so you can boldly share your faith; that YOU are living for Jesus. Living For Jesus T-Shirt – $19.95 Buy Now Are you living for Jesus? Be bold with your faith! Show those [...]


We can have trouble believing that which is unseen…yet…are we really looking? If we open our eyes, we will see the proof of our creator daily. The blind cannot accurately describe that which they cannot see, so do not depend on their description. Open our eyes Lord. In God’s Love and Grace, -Colton


The following is an amazing video. It is all about our King; The King of Kings: Our King is worthy of all we have to offer and beyond. I pray that we all will work harder at getting to know Him better and better with each passing day. In God’s Love and Grace, -Colton (Below [...]


The Good-O-Meter and Grace

This video is a great example of how we have fallen short of the glory of God, no matter how hard we try. And how powerful the grace of God is. When we believe in, and trust in, Jesus, he can then throw out our sins (our file) and when God looks at us, all [...]

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During a time of such great economic crisis, natural disasters, and a world that just seems to be coming apart at the seams, it doesn’t take long at all to find people looking for hope. But what is trustworthy enough to earn our hope? What can we turn to and know it will come through [...]


Lets start this out right; My name is Colton. I am a sinner. I fall short of the glory of God. God is just, and because I have sinned, I must pay the penalty; eternal separation from God (God cannot/will not be with sin)…death. But then there is Jesus; God’s one and only Son. He [...]

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Psalm 119 is a wonderful piece of art. But beyond that, it manages to show us a heart that is completely focused on surrendering to God, and being obedient to Him; A true Heart of Worship. This heart realizes the true sovereignty of God. The power and truth that are in the Word He has [...]

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