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November 2017

In most sports, to excel it requires focus and discipline in the basics. For Football, it’s blocking and tackling. For Basketball it’s the free throw. No matter how many times they have done it, most professionals of their sport practice the basics everyday. I would have to say the most basic discipline for excelling in [...]


Proof of God in Nature

Can you really see proof of God in Nature? It’s a great question that I’ll get to in a moment. I love when fall really starts to kick into full gear. You get the excitement of football fast approaching the postseason, the basketball season has gotten underway, and I even enjoy the crisp cold Northern [...]


Don’t you love it when you go to church and the sermon topic is on money? Maybe it’s just me. The reality is that most church goers get extremely uncomfortable when the topic of money is preached from the pulpit. Some of the reasons  for the discomfort I’ve heard are: “…the church just wants my [...]


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