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Lead Me Lord

With Father’s Day coming up, the song “Lead Me“, by Sanctus Real, has been on my heart. The song has reminded me of the huge responsibility and honor of being a Husband and Father. And though I am not either one right now, I truly desire to be both someday. And being the Husband and [...]


Search My Heart O God

If you are like me, you  know how easy it is to get distracted by things in life. In fact, I have written a detailed article about 10 such things, titled “10 Things that Distract Us from God“. What we really need to help us is a “heart checker”. Something much like a spell check [...]


Hey everyone. I want to thank all of you for the wonderful support you have given me and this blog. I want to apologize for how little I have been posting the past year. It is crazy how one can get busy. But I want to get back into consistently posting on here. I know [...]


The following is such a profound video. It shows the gaping holes that “Religion” has, and reveals our need for “JESUS”. The video is called “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus”. I hope you found this video to be a great reminder of that our faith should not be in religion, but in JESUS. [...]


What would it look like if, as leaders, we focused less on the things that make our churches entertaining and more on making disciples? What if church looked like this… (This video was shown by Kelly Tshibaka at Foursquare Connection 2011.) In God’s Love and Grace, Colton


I know in my life there are times where I get confused with what the purpose of prayer is. Lord, help me with this, help me with that…but God is not an order taker. It is not wrong to pray for these things, but more often than not, prayer should spark action. Yes there are [...]


Often we, like the prodigal son, turn away from Jesus for the things of this world…sooner or later we find that this path leads to emptiness…but Jesus is waiting with open arms to save us…all we have to do is turn and run to him. Here is a skit, done at Winterfest in Knoxville TN. [...]

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The Response Promo from The Response USA on Vimeo. The Response is a call to prayer for a nation in crisis today, August 6 2011. I would encourage all of you to tune into the live stream. We need to take a stand for our nation. Click here to tune-in. What was your response?


The Story of Everything

I saw this video from YouTube, and thought it was a very creative way of telling the Road to Salvation. So, I thought I’d share it with you all! Here it is: The Gospel is really that simple. We don’t have to complicate it. In God’s Love and Grace, -Colton


I too often find it easy to compromise what God is leading me to do because of the circumstances I am in. Instead of fighting for what God wants, I just lay down and accept what the world is telling me to do…that isn’t what Daniel (and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) did in Daniel Ch. [...]


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