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Here at LivingForJesus my desire is to encourage those who are seeking a relationship with Jesus…those who are in pursuit of “Living For Jesus”. The Following is the general navigation of the site:

The main content of the site is the Blog section. This is where I post my most recent personal experiences, what God is currently showing me, or anything I feel could help inspire fellow believers in their life.

There is also a song section. This is where I post lyrics and chords to songs that have really had an impact in my life…songs I love to listen and worship God to.

Also there is a scripture section. This is where I post some of my favorite scriptures. There is also a  favorite scriptures post where I encourage you to share your favorite scripture(s) with us.

At the top of the website I have a Resources page where I have posted some tools I feel are of great benefit in ones personal studies (because one cannot have a relationship with Jesus without pursuing Him themselves).

Also at the top of the website is a tab for the Fruit of the Spirit. The Fruit of the Spirit are one of those things that are of utmost importance in the life of one living for Jesus. It is the Fruit of the Spirit that are indeed the result of one living for Him; a person who is being molded into an image of Jesus Himself. That is why I dedicated a page for this topic on its own.

The last two pages are the contact page, where you can contact me.  And the store, where you can buy many Christian items, such as cd’s and books.

I hope you enjoy your visit with LivingForJesus.com

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