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No condemnation

The following is a entry from one of my old journals. I have felt like I should share them with you all, hoping that you may benefit from them, but that I too would receive something by looking at what God has taken me through. I hope you enjoy! (For this journal entry I read [...]


We Are Free Here, NOW!

Have you ever felt like you just needed to overcome that one sin in your life to be free or usable to God? I know I feel that way often. Like I can be usable to God when I no longer feel greed, or pride, etc…so, I often find myself waiting for that to happen. But am [...]


No Condemnation | Only Grace

One thing I’ve seen over the years is that it seems like the average Christian is more unhappy than the average non-believer. Why is that?? This is the exact opposite of what should be!!! Didn’t God set us free when He died on the cross!!!! Well I’ve pondered this question many times, and recently I feel the answer has been revealed to [...]


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