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I know in my life there are times where I get confused with what the purpose of prayer is. Lord, help me with this, help me with that…but God is not an order taker. It is not wrong to pray for these things, but more often than not, prayer should spark action. Yes there are some things that are completely out of our hands, and those we need to give to God…but there are other prayers that should prompt action from us. Like one I used to pray for was “God, give me a desire to read your Word”…but what I really need to do after the prayer is read the Word, not wait on God to change something inside of me first.

Remember these quotes regarding prayer:

“Prayer is not the key to move God…it is the key to move us”

“Prayer is not for God’s benefit, it is for ours”

Prayer, just like reading the Bible, is a huge part of the process of the renewing of our minds, which is mentioned in Romans 12:2. Both prayer and reading the Bible though require action for the full effect to take place.

In God’s Love and Grace,



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  • maria teresita romero April 15, 2012, 11:54 pm

    Its true.. when you pray, its not God who change.. its is your heart. your action and everything in you will transform.. the more you pray, the more you will have time to be close to God..

    God bless everyone!

  • Charles Specht February 17, 2012, 8:47 pm

    I love your title for this article: Prayer is Not the Key to Move God…It is the Key to Move Us.

    I had a seminary professor who once said: Prayer doesn’t work, but God works through prayer!

    good stuff!

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