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Read the Word!

I just recently got back from a youth camp where I was a counselor, and I witnessed some amazing things there! Many students found Christ for the first time, others found Him again. Some students found for the first time what REAL love is and feels like…I even witnessed a student get healed physically!! And I mean REALLY healed!! This student cracked his ribs earlier in the day playing football. He could hardly get around. Bruising had even started to appear on his chest where the cracked rib was…but during worship God healed him!! Pain gone, ribs fixed, bruising gone!!! Right afterwards he started running around and giving piggy-back rides to his friends! It was amazing to witness. All of these things were awesome, but for me, the highlight was what God reiterated to me. It was something that I already knew, and something so simple…The power of His Word.

The Word/Bible is what keeps us in contact with God! It is such a powerful thing! It is living and breathing, sharper than any double-edged sword. It is our source of spiritual nutrition. Like the body needs food, the spirit needs the Bible. If you go a day or two without food, your body begins to get weak. It is the same with the spirit! Why are we so surprised when we feel spiritually weak after not being in the word for a week?

I tell you, this is one of the biggest struggles for me…that is, to get into the habit of reading the Bible daily. So God simply wanted to remind me of its power, and why I’m supposed to be in it. So the point of this article is simple. I want to remind you to get into the word!

It is your spiritual food!! Don’t even go a day without it! Give God a chunk of time daily, and watch how your relationship with Him will grow.

I am taking on this challenge…will you join me?

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