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Image, Youth, Group, Game - Rock Paper, Go

You can never have too many fun games up your sleeves for youth. This one is “Rock, Paper, …GO!”. It’s a fun variation of the classic “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, and a great go to game for almost any youth group size.

Youth Game Name: Rock, Paper, …GO!

Materials Required: None, unless you want a prize for the winner.

Recommended Number of Players: 6+ for most fun!

Instructions for “Rock, Paper, …GO!” Youth Group Game:

  1. Have everybody stand facing a partner; easiest if you split the room in half with masking tape. If you have an odd number of students, you can have one leader jump in and play.


  1. Explain that Players on one side of the room are player A and players on the other side of the room are Player B.


  1. Explain that everybody will have a choice of two moves: either a “Rock” or “Paper” (NO SCISSORS).


  1. Ask another leader to stand facing you so that you can give an example of the possible outcomes of each round:


  • Show the students that if you and your opponent both do “ROCK”‘s, or if you both do “Paper” it creates a match.
  • Show the students that if you do a “ROCK” and your opponent does “PAPER”, it doesn’t match. And vise versa.


  1. Player A gets a point every time they match their partner. Player B gets a point every time they don’t match their partner. The first person to get to three points wins that round.


  1. To play, it is just like “ROCK PAPER SCISSORS”, but instead it is “ROCK, PAPER…GO”. Players reveal their hand on “GO”.


  1. After everybody understands the game, let the students play and have all the winning partners remain standing while the losing partners have a seat.


  1. Have the students who are still standing (the winning partners) now get new partners and start the process over again.


  1. Continue this until you have one winner.

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