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The Magnetic Cross

A few years ago, I was having a difficult time letting go of some of my sins. While I was praying, God showed me a vision:

I was out in my church parking lot, but I wasn’t alone. What stood before me was a large magnet. But not just any magnet, this one was in the shape of a cross.

The sins I struggled with were in my hands, and they were being pulled to the cross, but I kept holding on to them. It took so much effort for me to keep these sins from flying to the cross, but these were my sins to bear…then I heard a small, yet powerful, whisper. It said:

 “I paid for those sins already. Let go.”

I loosened the grip in my hands, and no later did I watch these sins fly immediately to the cross, and stay there. Afterwards, I felt the warmth God’s grace surge across my body as I was weightless.

What sins are you holding onto? What fears and doubts will you just not let go of? The blood of Jesus has made the cross a magnet for your sins, and Jesus is just waiting for you to let go.

Take some time to search your hearts and see what you are holding onto. Confess these to God, trust him, and then, simply, let go.

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