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“Worthy Points”

The other day, I had a friend tell me he didn’t feel “worthy” enough to do a specific thing for God because he felt he wasn’t doing all that he could for God. I think for a lot of us, we get caught in this mind set of earning worthiness; that based on how we live, we earn or lose “worthy points”, and we need so many of these “worthy points” to do certain things for God. Like to lead worship or a bible study, etc.  you need x amount of points.  Now don’t get me wrong, we do need to prepare our hearts and set them on God and His will before we do such things, and we all need to lead correctly by living correctly…but this has nothing to do with worthiness. The fact is, we aren’t worthy.  That’s right, we are not worthy. Nothing we could ever do could make us worthy for what God has done for us. So it is not about that. What is it about?…Jesus. Jesus is why we can do such things.  You see, it has nothing to do with anything we can do (or did), but it has everything to do with what Jesus did.

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