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living for jesus

Godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6: 6. Paul is breaking down that if you are godly and you pair that with contentment you will have great gain. This is like a simple math equation; if you pair the 2 together, great gain is the result. This should be a huge a goal [...]


Hey everyone. I want to thank all of you for the wonderful support you have given me and this blog. I want to apologize for how little I have been posting the past year. It is crazy how one can get busy. But I want to get back into consistently posting on here. I know [...]


The following is a entry from one of my old journals. I have felt like I should share them with you all, hoping that you may be blessed by from them, but that I too would receive something by looking at what God has taken me through. I hope you are blessed! Living Sacrifices Therefore, [...]

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It is so easy to get bogged down by life…(yes, I used the word “bogged”). There are so many things that can burden us in our lives. When we try to live life on our own…well, it really is futile, because we will fail, fail, and fail again. But the following scripture holds the key [...]


When Failure is Not the End

You know what word scares me…Failure. Failure is such a strong, not so fun, word. No person ever wants to hear this word attributed to themselves, I know I don’t. But I’ll be honest with you; I have failed God many times. Someone else who has failed God was a man named Peter. I love [...]


The all too common reputation for Christians is being known for what they “can’t do”; we can’t party, we can’t have premarital sex, we can’t do drugs, we can’t this and we can’t that. And then what we are known for “doing” is being hypocrites, and judgmental…this was not God’s desire for us!!! Although there [...]


Living For Jesus (Hymn)

I have noticed that many people who come to this site are looking for the lyrics to the hymn Living For Jesus. I personally had never heard or read it until the other day, but when I did, I found that it captures the very essance of my heart for this site, which is to [...]

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Have you ever wondered what God thinks about what we do for Him? How does it make Him feel when we truly follow His plan for us? Well, when I was worshiping the Lord today,  He showed me this story, or vision. It just unrolled before me. There was this ordinary, Christian man. This man was busy [...]


If you have been in the church any length of time, I’m sure you have heard the parable of the sower. Jesus speaks of this farmer who goes out to plant his seed, and the seeds fall in one of four places: The Path, where it was trampled on and birds snatched it up. On [...]


Life of Normalcy

Is it normalcy that we are supposed to be striving to live our lives to gain? Are we just supposed to try to get by day to day, living a “normal” life, pursuing comforts and privileges to live a content lifestyle? It seems like we so easily live life habitually, trying to make ends meet. [...]


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